Invitation AVATAR 2024

Dr. Sanjay Srinivasa

Organising Chairman

Dr. Gireesh Reddy Giddaluru

Organizing Secretary

Dr. Rammohan Bhat

Co-Organizing Secretary

Dr. Prashant C Dheerendra

Joint Organizing Secretary

Dr. Vel Aravind

Joint Organizing Secretary

Dear Colleagues,

We invite you all to be a part of AVATAR2024 from 12th to 14th July 2024 in Bangalore, India. 

The novelty of this event is to showcase the collective representation of transplant CKD care septems, their delivery & stakeholders. A major part of the event apart from contemporary uses will be focused on Hands-on training and discussion on difficulties in delivery. This will be an excellent opportunity for the industry to showcase newer innovations and other products.

The event will provide recent advances & cutting-edge technologies in the Vascular Access and Hemodialysis field. 

For Nephrologist, Interventional Renal Physicians, Vascular Surgeons, Urologists, Nurses, Dialysis & Cath Lab Technician, this platform will provide event aspects of knowledge skills and opportunities in the field of Hemodialysis and Vascular Access.

With Kind Regards,
Organising Committee